A downloadable game for Windows

W,A,S,D to Move
Mouse for Aim / Charge Shot
Hold ESC to Quit

You pilot a small ship, enemies spawn in increasing difficulty and number. Contact with orbs/planets or enemies will damage you. Blue orb influence slows your relative time, red orb influence hastens your relative time. In other words, blue makes everything else faster, red makes everything else slower. The orb have strong gravity fields (getting pulled in will probably kill you), keep yourself at a safe distance. You must be at a high velocity to safely approach or drift around a field. You can charge your shot or shoot as fast as you can click. After you reach a certain difficulty, enemies despawn and respawn at certain intervals of points to prevent clumping. There are 5 enemy types. 

Difficulty increases with score, survive as long as possible


Project G.rar 14 MB
ProjectG Fix.rar 14 MB

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